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Paper & Pulp

Sheltam Services the paper and pulp industries in Southern Africa.

Field Services

Sheltam Field Services consist of a dedicated team of Diesel Electric Fitters and their assistants.

Air Charter

Sheltam Aviation upholds all the traditions of an exclusive Air Charter service.


Flexibility, mobility and a wealth of experience is what makes Sheltam the preferred supplier to clients in the industry.

Coal & Ferrochrome

Sheltam provides a service to the coal mining and ferrochrome metal industries in Mpumalanga.


Sheltam offers unrivalled service in regards to Air Charter, Aircraft Maintenance and the sourcing of aircraft for business or personal use.


Sheltam operates the entire rail system for the Gold Mining Industry in these areas.

Track Services

Railway lines are maintained and upgraded on an ongoing basis for customers.


Railway Safety Regulator

With the introduction of the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) to the industry, Sheltam started up a project to get the company compliant and accredited with a valid permit. Using professional help and inside expertise, Sheltam was able to design a progressive Safety Management System to run parallel with the ISO system and became one of the very first Rail Companies to be accredited and receive an operating permit from the RSR.

Today, Sheltam is seen as a benchmark for Railway Safety and many companies make use of Sheltam as a consultant for their Rail Safety Systems and for professional advice expertise. The RSR itself refer many companies to Sheltam to observe the companies well designed and functioning Railway Safety Management System.

ISO Accreditation

Although Sheltam initially applied for only two of its divisions for ISO accreditation, the entire company is now fully ISO accredited and has maintained its accreditation since 2002. SABS auditors have congratulated the company on numerous occasions on its well maintained ISO system.

Kei Rail

Sheltam was the first private rail operator to be awarded a concession on a branch line in South Africa. This was for the pilot project on the Kei Rail line between Amabele and Mthatha. Sheltam’s instrumental role to get the line operational again carried on throughout the entire period that this service was in operation until the end of the project at the end of 2012.

During Sheltam’s involvement on the Kei Rail, the company maintained an availability level of its locomotives of above 98%. It was therefore not surprising that Kei Rail was awarded best passenger rail service in South at the 2010 Africa Rail Conference.
The project was a huge success and it became a reliable and safe mode of transport for the rural communities in the Transkei. The fact that the project ended affected many loyal and hopeful commuters.

Best Contractor Award

In both the Ferro Chrome and Paper, Coal and Pulp industries, Sheltam has been awarded best contractor on site on numerous occasions. Sheltam was asked to do a presentation to other contractors on its ISO, Safety management and Railway Safety Systems on some of these sites and was also singled out as the contractor to be audited as the bench mark.

Show Awards

Sheltam has won numerous awards for Best stand at the Africa Rail Show as well as commendations at the Zambia Copper Mining Show, the Elektra Mining Show and the Railway and Harbours Show.

BEE Accreditation

Sheltam Rail Logistics (Pty) Ltd the Group’s BEE initiative is a 74% owned subsidiary of Sheltam (Pty) Ltd, with the remaining 26% owned by Bhambatha Capital (Pty) Ltd Trading as CapAfrica. This company was formed in 2010 and is a relatively new initiative with plans to increase its footprint in sectors ranging from locomotive lease and operations to freight and terminal management