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Company Profile

Sheltam (Pty) Ltd has established itself in the mining, timber, aviation, marine and stationary power sectors locally and in the rest of Africa as a reliable service provider taking the lead as far as service excellence is concerned. Business interests’ stretch as far as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Seychelles and the company is pursuing operations further into Africa. This multi faceted and dimensional company has evolved into a fully fledged Rail Operator and its bright green immaculately kept locomotives are now a familiar sight operating railway lines all over the continent.

Given a new lease on life takes on a different meaning with the rebuilding and refurbishing services offered by the Sheltam Group. In the Seychelles, Sheltam was responsible for the management of the entire refurbishing project on the Coast Guard vessels including engine and structural overalls. With major projects recently awarded to Sheltam, above average growth is ensured for this dynamic company over the next few years. Sheltam is geared for these tasks with quality management systems, ISO accreditation, Rail safety management systems that fully comply with the Railway Safety Regulator, Safety Health and Environment systems compliant with world class standards and well qualified and trained staff with vast experience in the industry. The company was one of the first operators to be issued with the necessary RSR permits to operate where its services are offered and the Sheltam Safety management system has received many accolades from the Railway Safety Regulator and the Industry as a whole. Sheltam is also the only private rail operator accredited as a training provider in the industry.

Sheltam owns and operates one of the largest privately owned fleet of mainline locomotives throughout Southern Africa. These locomotives are operated and maintained by qualified drivers and technicians who are immediately available to service any event that may occur anywhere in Southern Africa.
Sheltam can offer any potential client a one stop professional service offering world class levels of service and systems to support all Rail, Marine and Aviation, Rail Logistics and stationary power requirements.

Sheltam has also recently concluded an empowerment deal with BEE investment firm Cap Africa. This saw the birth of Sheltam Rail Logistics which will combine the respective transportation and logistics expertise of the two partners to capitalize on the growth opportunities that exist in the region’s rail logistics sector. Sheltam Rail logistics will use its collective knowledge of transportation and operational management strengths to provide all potential customers with a competitive and preferential rail logistics option. Its core offerings will include rail operations, provision of locomotives and associated services for the transportation of bulk commodities or passengers, and management of the rail logistics supply chain.

When the company expanded into the Aviation arena, it was set on raising the standards and level of service in this industry as people have come to expect nothing less from this dynamic company. Not only has it succeeded in doing so, but Sheltam Aviation has grown beyond expectations and the same philosophy of service excellence is applied at the flight training school to produce world class aviators.

Other services offered by Sheltam are:

  • Technical support,
  • Unit exchange components for Locomotive and Marine engines
  • Material Management Systems and Contracts
  • Overhauling, Maintenance and repairs (Locomotives, Wagons and Marine engines)
  • Equipment re-marketing
  • Valuations and consulting
  • Track and Siding maintenance
  • Locomotive leasing
  • Spares
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Air Charter services
  • Air Pilot training

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision - To be the biggest and best privately owned service provider in the Rail, Aviation and Marine industries.

Mission - Sheltam is committed to service and supply the rail, Aviation and marine and related industries with excellence, by committing to high quality standards in workmanship and supplied products to meet customers’ needs.

Sheltam will achieve this through:

  • Providing a safe working environment and safe product for both employees and customers
  • Service excellence to all customers
  • Staff welfare
  • Encouragement of learning and creativity
  • Commitment to protection and promotion of safety and health
  • Commitment to protection and promotion of the environment affected by our activities

Key focus areas of the business

Operating entire rail systems and maintenance of diesel electric Locomotive Aircraft and Marine engines.

Summary of growth

The company started in 1987 with one man, his tools and a vision. It has grown from that to a multi faceted company delivering a wide range of services to the Rail, Marine, Stationary Power, Aviation and now Rail Logistics industries. It is currently employing close to 450 employees nationwide and has spread its wings to sub-Saharan Africa.

Major achievements and successes

Roy Puffett started Sheltam Corporation with a toolbox and a vision.
He identified an opportunity in the market when General Motors Locomotive Manufacturing Plant closed down.
Sheltam Services CC established to service locomotives in the mining industry.
Sheltam Locomotive Services CC established to operate rail systems in the Witbank area.
Sheltam Marine Services CC established in Cape Town to service offshore mining and exploration vessels on land and at sea.
1991 Sheltam Rail CC established to operate rail systems at different sites for coalmines and for the paper and pulp industry.
Sheltam Mine Services CC established when Sheltam took over the entire rail system at a prominent gold mine in Randfontein.
Sheltam Track and Siding CC established due to an increasing demand for rail and track maintenance.
Sheltam Trade CC Established as the growing demand for the purchase and sale of spares became a reality.
2001 Further contracts in the Witbank and Tugela area’s and operating abroad in the neighbouring states.
Further contracts are established with gold mines in the Virginia area, Mozambique and Sheltam Aviation cc is born.
Sheltam Management Services in Port Elizabeth, Sheltam Services in Middelburg and Sheltam Marine in Cape Town achieves ISO accreditation.
Sheltam International establishes contracts in Zimbabwe. Sheltam Marine establishes contracts with the National Coast Guard of the Seychelles.
Sheltam Aviation established in Port Elizabeth to offer Aircraft Maintenance, Air Charter and Aircraft sales.
Sheltam establishes another branch of Aviation at Durban Virginia Airport.
Sheltam International becomes a major shareholder (47%) in the South African railroad company, Comazar who have railway concessions in Africa and Madagascar with offices in South Africa and Belgium.
Sheltam Group of Close Corporations becomes Sheltam (Pty) Ltd.
Sheltam (Pty) Ltd joins forces with Grindrod and becomes Sheltam Grindrod (Pty) Ltd
2007 Sheltam Grindrod starts operating the Kei rail line
Sheltam Grindrod (Pty) Ltd becomes Sheltam (Pty) Ltd onceagain after PME takes over the shareholding of Grindrod.
2010 Sheltam Rail Logistics is established after an empowerment deal is entered into with CapAfrica
2011 Sheltam concludes a maintenance deal with a Mining Operator in Mozambique
2012 Sheltam concludes a deal with Salgaocar in Swaziland Sheltam concludes a locomotive leasing deal with a Mining operator in Mozambique
2013 Sheltam concludes two short term contracts with a National Fuel manufacturing Plant in Mapumalanga and a Cement manufacturing Plant in the North Western Province.

Key success factors

  • Upholding strong business ethics
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Faith in what you are doing and in succeeding
  • Family support
  • Loyal employees
  • Working with an incredible team of professionals

Training and development initiatives in place

Adult Basic Education and Training and development of employees through refresher and on the job training. Processes to carry out this training are in place for all Artisans, Locomotive Drivers and Shunters. Sheltam has been accredited for its training facilities for Diesel Electric Fitters. The company is well established in the industry’s Sectoral Education and Training Authority and complies with the Skills Development Act.

Vision for the future of the company

To continue improving service excellence and to become the service provider of choice.

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