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Railway Safety Policy

It is the policy of Sheltam (Pty) Ltd. to maintain the highest standards of railway safety and health for its employees, the public, rail users, industrialists, operators and contractors. We further acknowledge that the protection of the environment, including full compliance with environmental laws and regulations, is a mandatory requirement. To this end, the following practices and procedures shall be an integral part of the daily operation of our railway business.

Sheltam will ensure compliance to the South African National Railway Safety Management Standards SANS 3000-1:2009 by doing the following:
  • Each business unit shall conduct at least once a week, safety meetings with the involvement of all employees.
  • Provide the necessary resources to meet site specific railway safety objectives, procedures and policies.
  • Providing the required railway safety training.
  • Appoint a senior manager responsible for Rail Safety.
  • Provide and maintain Personnel Protective Equipment for each employee.
  • Complete an internal audit report of each railway system at least once a year.
  • Conduct a Management Review meeting once a year to review and improve the Railway Management System.
  • Complete a full risk assessment of all railway systems at least every three years or as and when required with change management procedures.
  • Manage interface agreements with all operators to ensure safe train operations.
  • Update the Railway Safety Plan at least once a year and submit it to the Railway Safety Regulator.
  • Maintain a database of all occurrences and generate reports to the Railway Safety Regulator as required.
This policy is to be regularly reviewed and communicated to all employees, contractors or sub-contractors and train operators working on Sheltam’s railway systems.

R. Puffett
Managing Director