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Paper & Pulp

Sheltam Services the paper and pulp industries in Southern Africa.

Field Services

Sheltam Field Services consist of a dedicated team of Diesel Electric Fitters and their assistants.

Air Charter

Sheltam Aviation upholds all the traditions of an exclusive Air Charter service.


Flexibility, mobility and a wealth of experience is what makes Sheltam the preferred supplier to clients in the industry.

Coal & Ferrochrome

Sheltam provides a service to the coal mining and ferrochrome metal industries in Mpumalanga.


Sheltam offers unrivalled service in regards to Air Charter, Aircraft Maintenance and the sourcing of aircraft for business or personal use.


Sheltam operates the entire rail system for the Gold Mining Industry in these areas.

Track Services

Railway lines are maintained and upgraded on an ongoing basis for customers.

Safety, Health & Environmental Management Policy

It is the policy of Sheltam to maintain highest standards of safety and health applicable to those industries within which our services are rendered. We further acknowledge that the protection of the environment, including full compliance with environmental laws and regulations, is a mandatory requirement for all of our business operations. These practices are not only a matter of meeting the legal obligations of our companies but, more importantly, are necessary to fulfill the responsibility of management to provide each Sheltam employee with a safe and healthy working environment. To this end, the following practices and procedures shall be an integral part of the daily operation of our businesses:

The management of each division will become familiar with the standards of practice and policies developed through the Sheltam Safety, Health and Environmental Management Program, and will take the necessary actions required to implement and maintain compliance with those standards and practices.
Each business operation shall designate at least one appropriately trained and qualified individual at each operating site to be knowledgeable of, and responsible for ensuring site-wide compliance with applicable safety, health and environmental policies, standards and practices.

Each business operation shall identify and include in the annual budgeting process projects and initiatives designed to improve and/or enhance safety, health and environmental performance at that operation. Such projects and initiatives shall receive at least equal priority with other operational, quality, or service related projects.
Each business operation shall perform on at least an annual basis, a self-assessment of that operation’s compliance with those safety, health and environmental standards that are reflected in the Sheltam S-H-E-Q Management Program and internal audit document applicable to the operation.

Each Business operation shall submit on an annual basis, to the Managing Director, a report of performance against S-H-R-E-Q objectives and those efforts of divisions to address and improve safety, health and environmental conditions.

R. Puffett
Managing Director